Top Autistic Friendly Companies to Work at

People on the spectrum have amazing talents, they really do. Their skills bring value to the world in many different ways. But… there is a downside to this:

There are can you order nolvadex online 66-86% of autistic adults who are unemployed or underemployed. When the general population’s unemployment rate is just 4.5%.
So you see, there is a huge difference. It’s very puzzling to have this much big of a difference in a world that is not able to see the great value autistic employees can bring on board companies. We agree that this is definitely something that needs to change.

Positively, it seems this reality is changing rather quickly. With bigger companies taking the steps to hire people on the spectrum because they have learned to see the high skills they have to offer and how this could benefit them greatly.

There are some cheap lasix 40 mg amazing companies that have taken the steps to create programs and job positions for the autistic. They are creating opportunities and taking on the challenge to change the employment rates.


Another great company who welcomes autistic talent.
They had partnered with the Autism Alliance of Michigan and created a program called FordInclusiveWorks with the intention of hiring, training and supporting individuals on the spectrum.
They have researched and are looking to create jobs and determine which are more suitable to particular skills, strengths, and talents of those on the spectrum. This was done according to their work with supervisors from Product Development Vehicle Evaluation and Verification and the Autism Alliance of Michigan as well. Amazing job.

Freddie Mac:

Freddie Mac is the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation. It is a government-owned corporation that buys mortgages and converts them into mortgage-backed securities.

As a much-recognized corporation, they are on the lookout to understanding and perceiving autistic traits and skills to be very valuable to their needs.

They partnered with Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) in 2012 and created the Autism Internship Program which has the objective to match business goals to the unique skills and capabilities of individuals on the autism spectrum. This program was created to tailor to qualified individuals who have had trouble keeping their positions due to social communication issues.  Really great!


SAP is a large tech firm originally based in Germany and with many locations around the globe.
The program they offer is called “Autism at Work” which was created in May 2013. The idea behind the program is to integrated people on the spectrum into their teams. Their corporate goal is to include 650 colleagues by 2020.

The Autism Hiring Program is described as a “recruitment, retention and career development strategy related to diversity and inclusion.”

This program was inspired by an employee with an autistic son, through this there was a learning perspective about the struggles there may be.
The program was created to include hands-on activities that focus on “workability, team projects, and skills assessment”.
Microsoft says that this event gives candidates a great opportunity to show their unique talents and meet teams and hiring managers.
Positions include careers such as  Software Engineers, Service Engineers, Build Engineer, Lab engineer, and Data Analyst to Data Scientist.

Ernst and Young large international accounting firm that stands by “people with autism because they approach problems differently”, they have found that their “logical, straightforward thinking can spur process improvements that increase productivity”.

They discovered there is valuable talent in individuals on the spectrum and they are always looking for more people to join their team.
The firm is aware that many times, although their amazing intelligence, autistic people face communication and personal challenges that make it difficult to make it through the front door to their opportunities.

Because of this, Ernst & Young created the “Center of Excellence” in Philadelphia aimed to make the most of their autistic employees.

Walgreens, a retail company we all know, provides training in specific areas and place their employees into positions appropriate to their skills. Their program is called REDI (Retail Employees with Disabilities).  
All  individuals who graduate from this program with a score of 3.0 or higher earn a “recommended for hire” which opens doors for future applications for CSA roles at Walgreens and CSA positions all over the country.

Be sure to click on the links of each companies program to see if you or your loved one can apply to reach their goals and succeed.

Because as we all know there are can be some difficulty in finding work for people on the spectrum. But hopefully, there are many changes occurring in some industries in which autist people can really make their talents thrive.


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