Asher’s List invites you to share your story of life with autism, whether this means your own personal journey or that of someone close to you.

Write anonymously or become a published author.

Benefits of Sharing Your Story:

  • A New Perspective – Give readers a new outlook on life with autism.
  • A Sense of Community – Connect with others who share similar moments of rewards, progress, and/or setbacks as you do.
  • Offer Advice – We’re all in this journey together. That’s the sense of community that Asher’s List aims to promote. As a result, we encourage an open dialogue with everyone. One seemingly trivial advice could mean the world to someone who is reading.

Submission Ideas

Are you ready to share what’s on your mind?

Some of the most common submission themes include:

  • #LifewithAutism – Share autism’s impact on your personal or professional life.
  • #AutismDefined – Define autism in your own terms.
  • #AutismCauses – Heated debates continue to come full circle. Tell us your own thoughts on what you believe are the true causes of autism spectrum disorders.
  • #AutismFamily – Are you frustrated by glamorized depictions of autism in the media? What do you believe is a true representation of this diagnosis? Tell us the side of autism that no one wants to talk about.
  • #AutismChallenges – What challenges continue to run their course in your life or someone you know?
  • #AutismTransitions – Are you an adult living with autism or do you know someone who has made the transition? Share your story with us.
  • #AutismProfessional – Are you an autism service provider who wants to connect with families from a grassroots level? Come and join our community by submitting your experiences and tips.
  • #AutismEducation – Do you know of a place or person who has helped you tremendously with your autism journey? Voice your opinions on our platform.
  • #AutismInterventions – Share your experiences about what to expect when it comes to participating in an autism intervention program.
  • #AutismRecreation – Give us a glimpse of good days that are worth sharing with the world.
  • #AutismEmployment – Tell the community about job opportunities for autistic adults in your area.
  • #AutismSupport – Spread the word about support groups that could potentially benefit our readers.
  • #AutismDreams – Give other parents insight on your dreams for your child’s future.


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