Therapy Express Children's Rehabilitation Center, LLC is an outpatient facility servicing children 0-21 years of age.

Our clinic offers speech therapy to aid children as well as young adults who are unable to communicate their wants and needs, (e.g. feeding disorders/oral motor disorders/Fluency of speech/Articulation/Autism/Vital Stim Therapy for Dysphagia. In speech language therapy, a Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) will work with a child one on one, in a small group or directly in a home setting to overcome difficulties involved with a specific disorder.

Occupational Therapy helps develop the child's highest possible level of independence in daily tasks. (e.g. gross motors skills/fine motor skills/visual motors skills/activities of daily living mobility)

Physical Therapy helps improve develop or restore movement of the large muscles of the body. (e.g. development delays/muscle weakness/joint pain/poor coordination/poor balance/flexibility/coordination)

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