At Focus we believe that everyone can achieve greater independence with the proper care, training, and development. Depending on their personal ability and goals, our residents participate in a wide range of developmental and training activities. Our facilities, programs and credentialed staff, qualify us to help people develop physically, emotionally, and vocationally. Our passion, though, is what makes the difference in the happiness of our program participants and their motivation to achieve their personal goals.

Our Origin & Purpose

Focus, Inc. was founded in 1978 as a non-profit, early intervention program. As the years passed, we added various services for older children and then for adults. We are governed by a Board of Directors, composed of parents of children with disabilities and disability professionals, and a Management Team led by a Director. Focus presently employs over 200 staff members in Northeast Arkansas.
Focus targets individuals with developmental disabilities, particularly those who are underserved, either because of the severity of the disability or because of the lack of family and community support. It is our goal to offer services that are capable of facilitating lifestyle changes and that meet primary needs. We also try to ensure that our services support the individual's presense in the family and the community. Focus wants to be an asset to the communities in which we work, to be a responsible employer of community members and to meet real community needs.

Our Mission
To empower individuals, with or without disabilities, to pursue their goals and take their place in our community.

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