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buy pixel online All divisions within the Arkansas Department of Career Education are focused on delivering industry-focused, demand-driven education and training.

The Arkansas Department of Career Education's mission is to prepare a job-ready, career-bound workforce to meet the needs of Arkansas employers. We do this through four distinct divisions. These divisions provide a comprehensive system of education and workforce programs and services to accomplish the following:

to provide both youth and adults the necessary academic and technical skills for meaningful jobs;
to work with business and industry to identify and provide grants for workforce training needs;
to offer Arkansans of all ages the options to pursue a wide range of career choices;
to ensure that workers have the foundation for lifelong learning that will allow them to enhance their existing skills and also to learn new skills in response to the current and future demands of a rapidly changing workplace;
to assist individuals with disabilities in becoming productive citizens and workers; and
to supply employers with validation of skills through national certifications and licenses.
The Department of Career Education's Strategic Plan was developed as a means for the agency to develop strategies that deliver cutting-edge programs and services to equip Arkansans with the finest, most competitive skills; to provide exemplary customer service through shared responsibility and communication, focusing on exceptional customer satisfaction; and to align services, optimize processes, and empower people to deliver the highest quality services at the lowest cost.

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