Do you have an Autistic Friend? How to be the best friend they ever have.

We’re all unique in many different ways, no one is exactly the same to the next person. Understanding this diversity is what makes us human and permits us to build strong long-lasting and healthy relationships with people. That’s no difference between the neurodiverse and neurotypicals.
Although we might see the world in different ways, and can sometimes become overwhelming, it doesn’t mean we can’t be great friends!

But for the neurodiverse, not completely understanding what they “neurotypical world” is about can bear some consequences. Things like breaking certain “social rules” can result in job loss, losing friendships, getting bullied and other situations. But having a good friend by your side can help anyone interpret the world in a better way. For people on the spectrum, getting a little help with Interpreting small talk, sarcasm or boundaries can be very supportive.

buy clomid in stores If you know someone on the spectrum and are looking to be a better friend to them, here are some cool ways you can make that happen:

  1. Facial expressions or tone of voice will not always mean disinterest in whatever is being discussed. Your autistic friend does care about what you’re saying!
  2. Sometimes, they may be feeling overwhelmed or anxious and it may cause plans to get canceled. Please be kind and understanding. By no means stop asking to do things, it means a lot to them to be included in your plans.
  3. Yes, you may experience many of the same feelings they go through. But this doesn’t mean their diagnosis needs to be dismissed in any way.
  4. Talk about it.  If your autistic friend said or did something that hurt you, talk about it.
  5. Give them a little space. Your autistic buddy may need some downtime once in a while.
  6. Meeting your other friends or loved ones is important to them, but they might not be in the right place to meet or interact with others all the time.
  7. Listen to their interests! They will listen to yours too.
  8. Most autistic people love how different they get to see the world. Be happy for them!
  9. If you have questions about Autism, ask your friend to share the right information.
  10. If a response is not given right away, give them some time to process, time to think about things being said is important.
  11. Help your friend interpret other neurotypicals! Sometimes they don’t always know what people mean. They might have troubles at work and don’t know why. If someone is bullying them or harassing them, they might not notice. Help them out.
  12. Your friend may have amazing skills and talents that are valuable to the world. They may sometimes not know or have trouble getting through to the door of their opportunities. Help them succeed!

buy antabuse online uk All in all, let’s be friends with neurodiversity.

We are all unique, and because of that, we can love and respect each other in greater ways. Creating bonds with your aspie friend or any other person will always be rewarding. So, go for it!


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